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Bobby Coulter

Fresno Housing
Assistant Director, Innovation and Technology
Fresno, Ca
After nearly two decades of private sector IT experience, Bobby Coulter joined the Fresno Housing Authority in 2015.

As a lifelong Fresno native-- raised on the same streets as Fresno Housing residents, Coulter understands first-hand the challenges in pursuing a career in technology-- in an area known more for packing agriculture than packet aggregation. Coulter combines his expertise in information technology with passion and loyalty to the city that raised him. All of which contributes to a unique perspective to Fresno Housing’s mission, to create and sustain vibrant communities throughout Fresno County.

His unique education path inspires Coulter to create a variety of training models for those who also chose to walk to a different beat.

“My goal is to be an access point in the Fresno Wi-Fi network named Awesome"